Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Raspberry Ice, Cakes & Tea-Bert&Fox



"A face in the picture would bother me, so I'd rub it out with the turpentine and do it over." -Norman Rockwell

Bert's face bothered me so I did it again and added the great Milt Kahl fox. I didn't like that the first Bert had no interaction with anything and kind of stared out to nowhere. This is a much better and more playful scene. When I'm working on art pieces and I get really discouraged I will look up quotes from people like Norman Rockwell, Pablo Picasso and Walt Disney. Some of Norman Rockwell's and Picasso's are my favorites.


Danielle said...

What does the Milt Fox have to do with Mary Poppins?

Danielle said...

Did he animate the fox that's in Mary Poppins?

Britni Brault said...

Yes. Milt Kahl animated the fox in the movie.