Thursday, September 26, 2013

Princess Cake Topper

The client wanted a pink princess cake top for her daughters birthday cake. Not really Disney but a princess. I was given creative freedom so I decided to use a lot of different references for this piece. For the dress I used Charlotte La Bouff  (Princess and the Frog). I made a huge pink dress and a hot pink bow to match the cake. The cake she is holding matches the cake the princess is on top of , white with black swirls. Since a one year old princess party is more about the mom than the daughter (I have two girls so I should know) I decided to use Aurora as a face reference. Her moms favorite princess is Aurora and she looks just like her. The birthday girl has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes so I made the quintessential blonde hair, blue eyed princess with a big pink dress. I watched hair tutorials to get that side swept hair right.

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