Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harry Potter

This is the new project I'm working on for a submission to the Gallery Nucleus Harry Potter exhibit. These sketches just need some touching up then I will produce the background and after I do a color study I will make a paper art sculpture out of it. I am trying a new process of finalizing all my details before I start them in paper so it will make that process much faster and more efficient...well that's the plan anyway. Btw, this is when Harry fights the Basilisk and Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix, comes to his aid in the Chamber of Secrets. Fawkes brought Harry the Sorting Hat (which Harry pulled the Gryffindor sword from) and scratched out the Basilisk's eyes. Harry is closing his eyes because if he makes eye contact with the Basilisk he will die. 

Believe it or not I used a clip from the movie "Citizen Kane" to help me with the layout because that movie is famous for it's cinematography. Below are a few examples of work I used as reference pieces.

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